Filmreihe Palästina: " To My Father"

  To My Father Film by Abdel Salam Shehadeh, Ca. 52 Min. Arab., engl. U.

Abdel Salam Shehadeh is from Rafah in Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territories.


He has worked in television production and media and as a camera and sound technician.   Abdel Salam Shedaheh has worked in various capacities for international news crews and has directed more than 15 documentaries such as The Cane, Debris, Rainbow and The Shadow, many of which were well received when they were shown at international film festivals. “My name is Abdel Salam.  I was born in Rafah Camp. I will not tell you when but it was 13 years after the Hejra (Diaspora).  All the time my family was telling me stories, all of which have settled inside me, on how they were evacuated in 1948, all became memories and pictures.  But I lso became a story myself; let me tell the story.  Before the photo was large and wide.  There was the view of the sea, trees and breeze. The photo was breating exactly as we were ….” The film shows time brought by the hand of light, for the story to peak at us, as the film proceeds from scene to scene until it turns into the sea with an ancient shore of sand and memories.  We are deceived by the sea until it bursts into tears, joy, birds, wounds, songs and many things that cannot be described nor counted unless in fresh memory like dew. Photographs here are not just photographs.  It is life that moves toward life, and as the director says, “… the prettiest part of the photo is that it does not get older when we do”.  Then he closes his box and leaves.  He leaves us with boys’ laughs and their hopeful eyes looking silently at a wide space where the cannot yet find their own space. Eintritt frei.  Spenden werden gerne angenommen. 
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