Filmreihe Palästina: Territories

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014, 19:00 Uhr im Amerlinghaus, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien


Director: Mary Ellen Davis

Editor: Mariano Franco

Cinematographer: Mark Ellam

Producer: Yannick Letourneau

Photos by Larry Towell


Canada, 65 minutes

Peripheria Productions,



A contemplation of occupation, exploitation, documentation and the role of the photographer and his art




A giant in the world of documentary photography Larry Towell has garnered several top-level honours, including the 2005 Priz Nadar and the first Henri Cartier-Bresson Award. This program follows Tolwell as he uses his camera to confront foreboding landscapes and shed light on struggling communities – drawing parallels between the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border. Towell also reflects on the creative process, offers insight into the photojournalist’s trade, and describes his experiences as an eyewitness to the 9/11 attack on New York City. His thoughtful commentary accompanies numerous examples of his work. Filmed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank and East-Jerusalem), at the border between Mexico and the United States (States of California and Baja California), New York and Southern Ontario in Canada. TERRITORIES will be preceded by the short – A DAY IN PALESTINE, 2007, 6 minutes.


Larry Towell is the only Canadian member of the legendary Magnum Photos Agency, known for its humanist and universal approach. Towell belongs to this tradition. His curiosity may guide him sometimes to the heart of conflicts, but his works express a particular sense of intimacy. More than a war photographer, Towell considers himself a family photographer. This documentary reveals the artist and the man through his photographic work and his open meditations on life and the creative process.


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