Filmabend: Gaza Under Siege / Rainbow

Dokumentarfilm im Amerlinghaus, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien

Mittwoch, 19. März 2008, 19 Uhr
Gaza Under Siege, (2001), in englischer Sprache, ca 27 Minuten.
Directed by Charlotte Metcalf

The Gaza Strip is home to a million and a half Palestinians -- most of whom are refugees whose parents and grandparents fled there in 1948 during the Nakba. Since the second Palestinian uprising began in September 2000 Gaza has been a virtual prison. No one is allowed in or out without permission, which is virtually impossible to obtain. Thousands of Palestinians who once traveled through the Erez checkpoint to work in Israeli industries are now shut out, unable to work or provide for their families.
This film asks why the United Nations shies away from its responsibilities and fails to criticize Israel's aggression and the denial of the Palestinians' rights - rights laid down in United Nations resolutions but ignored by Israel.


Rainbow (2003), ca. 40 Minuten, in arabischer Sprache mit englischen Untertiteln
Directed by Abdel Salam Shehada, produced by Ramattan Studios

(the destruction of the Rafah Refugee Camp, named by the Israeli Occupation Army "Operation Rainbow")

Abdel Salam Shehada: "These are people who have crossed my path. Some rose from among the debris, carrying their tears, some were looking for answers to worries that haunted them ... others were exhausted by contemplating the reality. They appeared like me ... I used to love the camera and believe in what it could do to transfer the pain ... forget sorrows, or maybe promise a better life."

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