Yemeni ship coming to break the siege on Gaza

After the success of the Free Gaza boats in breaking the siege via sea,
another ship is on its way. The Yemen People’s Committee, headed by Sa’ed Anam and operating with the consent of the political leadership in Yemen, hopes to be next in a long line of siege-breakers.

Palestinian Legislative Council member and head of the People’s Committee against the Siege, Jamal Al Khudari, announced the news on Sunday.

He said that he spoke with the Secretary-General of the National Advocacy
Committee for the Arab and Islamic Nation via telephone and was assured that the Yemini people are demonstrating their solidarity with the Gaza Strip. “They are seeking to break the siege and we welcome them during this holy month of Ramadan.”

Al Khudari welcomed the effort, indicating that the People’s Committee was
willing and ready to fully coordinate the ship’s arrival. Plans are underway
for public and official receptions.

In early September Al Khudari issued a call asking that the month of Ramadan be used to break the siege in all ways possible and from every direction. The solidarity group coming from Egypt last week was stopped much to the dismay of the convoy and the Gazans awaiting their arrival.

Al Khudari commended the Yemeni people for the latest practical efforts to
break the siege, calling for continued civil resistance.