Mossad kidnaps Gaza’s chief power plant engineer

Mossad kidnaps Gaza’s chief power plant engineer, Dirar Abu Seesi, while in Ukraine. Now en route from Petah Tikva torture center to Shikma Prison.


On February 18, Gaza’s chief power plant engineer, Dirar Abu Seesi, was kidnapped by theMossad, while he was traveling in the Ukraine. Abu Seesi is now in Shikma Prison outside Ashkelon after being transferred from the Shabak torture center in Petah Tikva. (Source:, also Ukraine-based Al Raed Press, and Yediot)

According to Silverstein:


[Silverstein] confirmed through the Israeli NGO,HaMoked, that the story of the kidnapping and smuggling of Dirar Abu Seesi is under Israeli military censor gag order. [Silverstein spoke] to [Abu Seesi's] attorney, Michal Rochabi-Dansiger, a government appointed public defender, and she is not allowed to breath a word of his story or detention.


Ukrainian authorities confiscated Abu Seesi's passport, but the document was returned to him shortly before the disappearance on a train en route from Kharkiv to Kiev. His wife, a Ukrainian citizen, Veronica Abu Seesi, said that her husband is in the public service and in no way connected to terrorist organizations. (Source:


Silverstein also reports that he is "still waiting to hear an explanation from Ukrainian authorities about how Israeli intelligence agents were able to kidnap a foreign citizen on their state transport system and spirit him out of the country right under the noses of Ukrainian authorities."




Israel, by kidnapping Dirar Abu Seesi, has violated UN human rights conventions, in particular the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, signed by 110 countries with the exception of Israel and the U.S.