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Almost three years after the Israeli Operation Cast Lead killed over 1,400 Palestinians, the situation for most Gazans remains dire, with unemployment, shortages of medical supplies and much else essential to secure minimum living standards.



The sixth aid convoy organised by Viva Palestina is aiming to enter Gaza in time to commemorate the onslaught on the people of Gaza represented by Operation Cast Lead.



It is our intention with this convoy to try to increase the aid element and we want to reduce the total time those on the convoy will need to take off work whilst increasing the time they can spend in Gaza. We are also taking into account the fluid situation that has developed since the start of Arab Spring and the fall of Mubarak.



We are announcing therefore a significant change in the form that the convoy will take this time. Rather than travelling from London through Europe as before, we intend to purchase all aid and vehicles in Egypt itself, with the convoyers travelling to Egypt either by boat from another Middle Eastern country or flying directly into Cairo itself.



We are currently in discussions with the Egyptian authorities and our friends in both Egypt and Gaza on the exact timing of our arrival in Egypt and Gaza but we are confident this will be over the Xmas period. We will confirm arrangements the next couple of weeks.


You can now register to join the VP6 convoy by going to the Viva Palestina website -
Remember, a key part of your ability to join the convoy will be the funds you raise in your community to buy aid for Gaza.


If you cannot join us on the convoy, we still urgently need whatever donations you can give us.  This link will allow you to donate money for the VP6 convoy:


If you have any queries or problems registering, please email


Thank you!



The Viva Palestina UK team