The slow genocide is still under way in Gaza! Act Now!

The mainstream media reported that Israel will resume its fuel deliveries to Gaza, but they forget to mention that it will deliver only 20% of the amount necessary to the Gaza needs.

Israel has also announced that on February 7, it would reduce by 5% its electricity supplies to Gaza where power is severely lacking.

In Gaza, the humanitarian situation is still dramatic:

  • 86 patients have been killed by Israeli Occupation due to Closure!
  • 1562 patients are in need of treatment outside Gaza Strip and 322 patients have reach a critical stage. If the siege continues, 470 cancer patients will die.
  • 107 class of basic medicines are depleted from Gaza Strip and 97 sorts of medicines are on the verge of depletion
  • The hospitals treat only urgent cases due to the lack of power and fuel for back-up generators

The mobilization must go on. We must pursue the work and ask this inhuman siege, which constitutes a war crime involving our governments, be lifted.
Ask your MPs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, your representatives to the United Nations how they can sleep the night when people are dying due to their decision Ask them if the Palestinian genocide is the only way they found to solve the Jewish issue.

Get out in the streets, demonstrate, and organize candlelight vigils in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Show to your government that you do not agree to be witnesses of that slow genocide without saying anything.

Take part in the global effort organized on February 23th calling for the End of the Gaza Siege! Free Gaza!

The action of protests will be across European, Arab, southern and Latin American countries. Contact us, the Popular Committee Against Siege in Gaza (PCAS), and let us know what you are preparing for this global action! Please, forward this call around you. We need your help to Free Gaza!

Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS)