Epidemics and diseases looming up in Gaza Strip

Head of water authority, Munbzer Shoblaq, said in a press conference that water will be polluted if Israeli will prevent these materials into Gaza strip for at least the two coming days.

He added in his talk, "We gave orders of suspending work in 52 water wells due to the lack of chlorine material. Thus, we issues instructions for civilians to boil water before drink,"

About 140 out of 170 wells are negatively influenced by the Israeli procedures during this siege imposed by June 207. About 30% of people get treated water while other 30% don't get water in easy ways.

Gaza Strip consumes about 60.000 litter of chlorine for water and the available amount is less than 24.000 that might run out in couple of days.

It's worth mentioning that Israel caused a fatal human disaster in the last January as some waste water pumps stopped thus waste water flooded some areas mid of Gaze.

Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),