Reports from Gaza

Amerlinghaus, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien


Thursday, 17 February 2011, 19 h


Lecture (in English) with Majed Abusalama


Majed Abusalama is a freelance journalist and photographer for different newspapers, radio and online media (such as International German Radio, Deutsche Welle and online newspapers in Bonn, Germany).  With his European tour (thus far he will speak in France, Italy, Spain, Germany,  United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Monaco, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden as well as Austria) he wants to contribute to strengthen the awareness about the humanitarian and political crisis in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli siege.


Majed Abusalama will report about ordinary farmers' lives and their daily struggle, especially in the buffer zones near the Israeli border, where casualties are not a rare event; about fishermen and how they deal with the regular threat from the Israeli sea patrol and how this affects their source of income.  He will also report about the situation of youth and children in Gaza, who represent 50% of the population, and have to cope with the traumatic experiences caused by the last Israeli onslaught on Gaza and the consequences of the siege.


Majed Abusalama was one of the finalists of the International Mediterranean Journalism Award in 2010.  He is now writing the publication "Understanding Cultures".