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No to Israel’s Annexation Plans

6. Juli 2020

Rede von Mary Pampalk auf der Kundgebung “Nein zur israelischen Annexion palästinensischen Landes” vom 3.7.2020 in Wien

Ich begrüße euch alle an dieser bedeutungsvollen Kundgebung nicht nur gegen Israels Unrecht sondern auch gegen die Drahtzieher und Komplizen dahinter. Deshalb bitte ich euch, mich als Amerikanerin auf Englisch sprechen zu lassen.

Israel‘s desire for the annexation of Palestinian lands is no surprise. Israel has always wanted the whole of Palestine. Step by step it has been moving towards this end, violating UN resolutions, International Law and human rights in the process.

Israel has continued to get away with these transgressions with impunity and no accountability for decades.

For all these illegal acts, Israel was supported and protected by its big brother, the USA. Now with a US President who does not respect human rights or International law, Israel has a unique chance to proceed towards its final goal.

Trump’s so-called peace plan is meant to help his re-election campaign and at the same time to strengthen Netanyahu’s support among his extreme right wing voters. In other words, a political win for both leaders with no consideration of the people concerned.

Over the years the EU has issued statements, warnings, condemnations of Israeli’s transgressions, but there is little political will to take punitive measures. Europe maintains strong economic and security ties with Israel, a strategic ally in the middle East.

European countries are now forced to chose between their immediate interests and the defense of international law. Europe’s unwillingness to criticize Israel as a result of the Holocaust does not justify condoning injustice.

It seems Netanyahu is delaying the start of the annexation. He is calculating the possibilities of Trump’s re-election, sanctions from the international community and the domestic reactions.

However, even without official annexation, the status quo in Palestine cannot be justified nor accepted. Palestinians live in an apartheid state where their rights are continually violated.

Perpetrators are never brought to justice. Israel refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC over its war crimes and crimes against humanity and even ridicules its judges and prosecutors. It does so with the active backing of the US and the silence of the EU member states.

For this reason we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We appreciate the signs of support coming from different countries. In the USA democrats are no longer giving their unquestioning support to Netanyahu. A few are even demanding the conditioning of military spending to Israel. Despite the Israeli propaganda campaign, BDS is gaining ground and undermining Israel’s public image. BLM  has energized hundreds of thousands of youths and supporters worldwide to protest the systemic injustices in societies that enable racism and discrimination.

And together we cannot remain silent. We demand that the European Union and European governments including Austria:

-Suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement;
-Suspend arms trade with Israel;
-Impose a ban on trade with the illegal Israeli settlements;
-Exclude Israel from European Research Programs.

Palestinian Lives Matter
We are convinced that Palestine will be free one day! Apartheid and Colonialism have no future.

Free, Free Palestine

Mary Pampalk, 3.07.20