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Join the 2023 Israel Apartheid Week in Vienna

7. März 2023

18.3-25.3.2023, Wien, Demonstration am 25.3.2023, Wien

This March join BDS Austria in Vienna for the Israeli Apartheid Week 2023 under the slogan People Against Apartheid! Keep an eye out for the events taking place between March 18th and March 25th, 2023 to support the Palestinian liberation struggle in connection with global justice struggles against racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression.

Apartheid Israel has developed technologies and methodologies of violent oppression, including weapons, spyware, illegal military doctrines, testing them on Palestinians and then exporting them to exacerbate criminal regimes worldwide. Israel’s greenwashing, agriwashing, pinkwashing, purplewashing, sportswashing, and techwashing of its brutal crimes against Indigenous Palestinians have also inspired several despotic regimes globally.

Understanding the intrinsic connection of our struggles and inspired by the growing international recognition that Israel is perpetrating the crime against humanity of apartheid, we call on people across the world, including students, academics, artists, workers, churches, and movements for social, racial, gender and climate justice to join IAW 2023.